Covered Soup Bowls and Tea Pots

I'm currently working on a series of covered soup bowls. I began to make my own soup in a mirowave oven. I'm using one of my own coverless soup bowls. The problem is that with all the raw veggies in the soup, they pop in the heat of the oven, making a mess of the inside. So every lunchtime I  have to cover the bowl with wax paper. That is a pain and wastefull.

Soup Bowl

So, I'm trying them out in various sizes. I copied the size of my wife's store bought, cast, made in China, soup bowl. This seems a bit big but I think it's  what folks want and expect. They are just raw clay, now. The need a bisk firing and then a glaze firing.

I think with the covers they are a bit tall so I'm  going to throw some flater covers. I set the wet diameters of the bowls at 5-1/2 inches. I hope that works for covers for the pieces I've already thrown. The shrunken size of the bowls is about 5 inches and there'll be more shrinkage in the kiln.

I'm  also working on some teapots. I'm in the process of finishing those. The tpots, inexplicably, seem to be selling. They are darn difficult to make. The ones I've sold had been sitting on the shelf for over a year. I can't make hide nor tail (?) Of peoples tastes.

The Tea Pots


The problem is that if I fill my limited shelf space with unsold pots, I don't make more, give away hrd made pots or they go out to the miden. Theres more to making pots than just making them.

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