A hurried throw

Last week I  sold one of my favorite pots, a nice 2 handled covered jar. I thought i had the price  high enough to discourage the pot from disappearing on me. WRONG!

I'm sad and happy to sell it, but i wanted to make another. With pottery, you can never count on just one piece to do an idea. So tried for 2. 

Unfortunately, all i had was a 2h time slot on Saturday morning when I was hoping to work out. And, immediately after, I had to be on the road to my mother's  for elder sitting. She's 97.  

So, I  wedged some sw clay and weighed out 2 ,1.5lb balls and one 2lb ball and went to it on the wheel.

The 2 jars came out fine. I centered the remaining 1.5lb ball to throw the covers off the hump. For those not familiar with that term, it means to thro several piecesoff the same hump of clay.

Anyway, I  had 20min to stop, cleanup and get ready to run. I threw one (by the way, pottery jargon, throw means make) ok. The next 2 were horrible. Smashed. Rewedged. Try again. Clock ticking. Another, by the way, if you make 2 jars, make 4 covers, maybe 2 will work. Did them. A little wobbly. We'll see if they can be fixed, tomorrow, when I get home. 

Another pottery axiom, throw jars and covers together.  The 12% shrink on drying and firing causes problems if you do jars or crocks and the covers at separate times. Tomorrow I may have to test that.

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