More doing anything but pottery

Today had to fix my computer or I couldnt move in the office from which the above pic is taken. I was in the Navy, so "tight quarters" are a norm. Being next to a pottery shop is not a good thing for a computer. The fan on the main processor was not working because of a bad connection (I think). The inside of the box looked like the inside of a vacuum cleaner. So i did my compressed air can and small vac job and everything seems fine.

The two jars I mentioned on the previous blog, looked terrible to start. Thats in the current pic. I used some of my trusty sponge brusshes to smooth the handles. The covers? As you can see, the one for the big jar is too small and the one for the little jar is too big. The jars arent dry yet so the final size of the openings are not set yet. 

If I was smart, I'd recyle them and throw new ones. I've got 3 days open (amazing! you'd never know i am retired) so i would have time to do a good job. But there will be another emergency but who knows? There might not. My wife is at her painting class which makes it a good day to do stuff in the house (cleaning, fixing, etc.).

In the pic you can see the finished, still green, vase i made. Its on the kiln. To fill the kiln, all that stuff goes on the floor. I wish I could dance. I hope I dont kick anything while i'm loading the kiln

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