Logging Glaze Firings and More NON-POTTERY

The pic shown above is the method I have come up with to keep track of the glazes I've developed and the changes in appearance with the modifications to the recipies. The 2 goblets were recently sold on Etsy. These pictures dont appear on the website. They go into a directory on my computers or tablet so i can refer back. 

The pictures on my Etsy pages have to be taken by me. It takes a lot of time. Pictures are needed for the Etsy page, and my documentation. Then pictures have to be loaded and the descriptions written. Advertising must be figured out too. 

People have asked me when i complain, "Why don’t you hire someone to take the pics??". I'm barely breaking even now. Materials aren't expensive if i make my own glazes, but I'm not a master potter, so I don’t feel I can command the higher prices. One of my instructors sells coffee cups for $60 each. I wish… My wife says that the purpose to sell is to move the pottery out so I can make more, so I shouldn’t complain if I have to make boxes and figure out how to sell. For a retired engineer, selling is like structural analysis, it's  very  difficult.

I just got back from elder sitting, so no potting today. I hope that I can make a couple of chalices tomorrow but I have to break sometime to take my wife to an art show in which she has some paintings. It wont take all day so if I do the separate parts of the chalices in the morning, I’ll be able to assemble them in the evening.

Thank you for listening to me complaining.

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